Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LOVE seeing husband's ordering scrapbooking gifts!!!

ok, here's a contest for you!!!

I've never seen so many MEN ordering gifts for their wives in one weekend like this...AND...they all ordered the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what it is......and you get a MM Noel Mini Album Kit!!

First one to answer correctly wins!!!


  1. cuttlebug? or maybe a circuit?

  2. I was thinking WeR Sew Easy Tools & Accessories

  3. SO sorry I left you girls hangin all day! Mom and I cooked a Chimichanga Feast for 50 of my cousins, aunts, and uncles! I'm exhausted!!

    BUT....drum roll.....

    Shannon Hager guessed it RIGHT, first!!!
    YES, it's the Sew Easy Tool and Accessories!!!

    Congrats Shannon!!! Email me your address and we'll get your kit off to you!

    Sandra, if you want to pay the shipping, or place an order, I'll send you a kit as well!

    The retail value is $40.00...it's an awesome Noel Mini Album Kit!

  4. Wow!! I'm so excited! Thanks so much!