Monday, November 29, 2010

Blog Followers Drawing Winners

Ok, so I gave the winners until 11:30 tonight....and nobody has contacted me.....SO

we draw 4 new names right now!

If these 4 don't contact me by 5:00 Tuesday night, I will post something like.....the first 4 to comment on the next blog post will win a free Noel Kit!!!

After all....this is about following a blog, right?  So those following and paying attention will win!!  Hope that sounds fair!!


Backup winner #1     Irene Sterquelle
Backup winner #2     Suzanne Yackley
Backup winner #3     ledfordlane5
Backup winner #4     kreations by kim

PLEASE email me at happynscrappin@aol.com if you are a winner!!


  1. What time on you on? My 5:00 pm might not be yours...

  2. We are in AZ - right now it's 11:12 am! lol hope that helps!

  3. Ok i want one of those Noel kits hahaha they are great everyone should want one!!!!!! =)